2013 Conference

Call for Papers: Peace and Power

Second Annual Conference of the International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies and the ECPR standing group on Critical Peace and Conflict Studies, 12-13 September 2013 at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI), University of Manchester


Keynotes: Prof. David Chandler (Westminster), Prof. Sharbanou Tadjbakhsh (Sciences Po, Paris), Dan Smith (International Alert)

Power is under-discussed in relation to peace, peacebuilding, and statebuilding, yet it often shapes the types of, and extent of, peace and its architecture. State-centric perspectives of power still predominate in International Relations, as do views of power linked to physical violence, official institutions, and the Weberian state. Power and its relationship with peace is rarely made explicit, let alone disaggregated. There is often something mysterious about these notions of power as they rest on vague – yet persistent and widely respected – notions of interests and sovereignty, markets, institutions and legitimacy, or rights and needs. Away from these official perspectives, power can be hidden and unseen. It often operates at the sub-state level, circulating through different types of local or subaltern, and often critical, agency. Recent interest in local agency, hybrid forms of peace, resistance and resilience make it necessary to engage more fully with the concept of power, and with power-relations, in peace and conflict studies.

The Second IAPCS & ECPR Peacebuilding Conference invites papers and panels welcome on the following issues:

  • Different forms of agency and power
  • Epistemology and ‘seeing’ power
  • Conceptualising power
  • Power relations: gender, local-international, state-informal, donors-NGOs
  • Implications for international institutions
  • Case studies and fieldwork
  • Power, the ‘local turn’ and hybrid political orders in peacebuilding

Deadline for paper and panel proposals: 1 July 2013. Proposals should be 300 words maximum, and sent to: iapcs@manchester.ac.uk

Registration costs £30 for paid academics and is free for students and the unwaged. Further, the registration fee is waived for paid members of the IAPCS. You can register by emailing hcri@manchester.ac.uk.

The final version of the Conference Programme is now ready. You can download a copy by clicking here.